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Good, Good,Good (after watching this ep)

What we have?

- Benny, a mysterious vampire who has an equally mysterious relationship with Dean. Evil or Good?We don’t know.

- Kevin,gloriously changed since the last time we saw him (I totally love him), has learned to survive without the need of Winchester (I repeat: I love him)

- Crowley,He and his scottish sarcasm. What are his intentions? Why Is he so interested to the gates of hell?

- Sam. Sam is happy to see his brother and as typical from “Winchester style” leaves everything to reunite with his brother. Dean thinks that is obvious, but it’s not. It’s true that even Dean did the same thing for Sam, he leaves Lisa, he leaves Ben, but it’s definitely different. At least as regards Lisa. I have the impression that Sam really loves Amanda. He really loved his new peaceful life.Once he puts his soul in peace for the lack of his brother, he was happy for once. Sure wounded, but happy. Dean wasn’t happy with Lisa, he was dissatisfied. He is a hunter not a family man.

- Sammy’s dog. This guy is totally obsessed with dogs. (ahahahahhah)

- Cas isn’t there in this ep, but he is in the lines. What Was happened to him? Is he 
disappeared? What we know is  that Dean doesn’t want talk about him.This subject hurts him. Why?

- Dean.


The clear reference to the soldiers when they return from war. Because in the end, a show like supernatural you can easily bring back to real life. Dean, Dean that from the beginning, unlike Sam, is often  compares to the figure of the soldier (see also the scene in which bends the trench coat Cas). He and Cas were often called “soldiers” in the past several seasons. Now He goes back from this year in purgatory just like a boy could return from a year in Afghanistan. He lost a ‘friend’, he found a new one. He is changed, He is broke. He is strong, incredibly stronger than before, but at the same time more fragile. He can’t understand how life can be continued normally when he instead he was living the hell, or rather the purgatory that seems worse than hell.He hides many secrets(remember: Dean has never kept secrets,especially to his brother) what happened? How Does He get out? You can’t even mention Cas, He totally don’t want to talk about this.We see flashbacks about the purgatory. Dean in survival*mode on* . He was looking for Cas, He was very protective for Cas “where is the angel?” “first we find the angel” He is totally obsessed.

He saw bad things, but what? He doesn’t speak. He has this new strong friendship with Benny, a new “brother”, it seems that he has save his life, but He doen’t talk with his brother about benny,why? Why He hides this figure to Sam? Why for talking on the phone with Benny, Dean turns away from sammy?

Great start to the season. I had no doubt. I can’t wait for next week.

Finally Cas.

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